Cashback Q & A

A: Cashback is the revolutionary new shopping program from SHOP.COM that saves you money and pays you to shop! Get paid for purchasing online the things you want and need, and have them delivered right to your door. You'll also earn .5% cashback on every qualifying purchase your invited referrals make on SHOP.COM - For Life! This video explains a few of the features of SHOP.COM, and explains more about how Cashback is earned:

  • Earn up to 50% cash back for purchasing SHOP.COM branded products and those from our partner stores where you see the Cashback logo
  • Find what you're looking for from thousands of stores and tens of millions of products and services using our lightning fast search technology
  • Take advantage of tons of great deals at your fingertips that you can quickly sort by price, color, style and many other attributes at the click of a button
  • Save time and gas by not driving from store to store

  • Q: When and how do I get my Cashback?
  • A: When you sign into your Cashback account, you'll see your current, pending, available and total awarded cashback amounts. Every time you make qualifying purchases - look for the green "$" symbol and payout amount under any qualified items.  Your cashback appears in your Cashback account as "Available" once the order is verified. * Earnings can then be redeemed and applied to subsequent purchases as a payment option. If you prefer to redeem your available cashback for actual cash, we'll mail you a check once we've paid you at least $10 or more from eligible cashback purchases.
           *You may also view pending cashback that has yet to post to your  account.

Earn More Cashback Through Qualified Referrals

  • 2) Just send them to and be sure they use your email address in the "Were you referred by a friend?" portion of enrollment (We have a handy diagram below). 

 Leverage Your Social Shopping Tools: Increase Your Cashback Scenario